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Food in Season
Child Friendly Activity

When a food is in season it is much easier to get hold of, may be a little bit cheaper and the quality of the food item is better too.  Each month we will let you know what food is in season and what to look out for next month to help you plan your menus. 

Carrots vary throughout the seasons.  Those that are planted in early spring grow best as the conditions are perfect for them.  You can eat carrots raw or cooked and they are really good for you.  Using them will also add colour to your recipe. 
Not many herbs can stand the colder air of early spring but parsley is ideal at this time of year.  You can use flatleaf parsley, which has a stronger flavour than curly-leafed parsley but either are a great addition to salads, soups and sauces.
Cauliflower is a cold season vegetable and March/April is the perfect time to buy them.  You can tell a good cauliflower as it will have a closely packed head with fresh green leaves.  The florets only take a few minutes to cook and are delicious in stir frys and soups.  You can also serve them raw with dips. 
This vegetable has a really fruity flavour especially the field-grown variety, which is in season in early spring.  You can also get ‘forced rhubarb’ that has been grown in the dark but this is usually available from January to March.  Rhubarb is great for puddings but can also be used with meat or oily fish dishes. 
Next Month

Look out for these foods in season next month. 


Below are the child friendly items
Child Friendly Activity sheet about food in season
Help your child understand about food in season by downloading the activity sheet.
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