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Food Preparation
Child Friendly Activity

Preparing food for eating
Many recipes and cook books tell you how to cook the meal but do not start at the beginning and tell you how to prepare the food.  And sometimes you donít know where to start.  Each month we will tell you how to prepare a different food ready for cooking.  If you would like to know how to prepare a certain food then let us know by contacting us.  There is an activity sheet for you to work through with your child to help them understand how to prepare food.  You can help them complete this and then ask them to help you prepare food for tonightís meal. 


This Month
Remember health and safety when preparing food
When preparing food for yourself or others you need to be very careuful.  It is at this time that there is the highest chance of germs that cause food poisoning multiplying and spreading.  You should be very careful to avoid cross-contamination and need to make sure the food is at the right temperature.

Why not visit our food hygiene and food safety pages to read more advice?
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Below are the child friendly items
Child Friendly Food Preparation Activity Sheet
Your child can learn about the different ways to prepare food too by completing our activity sheet.
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