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Child Friendly Activity

This is where you can show us your cooking talent.  We want to see photos from you and your child.  Send us photos of your finished recipes, pictures of you and your child cooking, funny photos that will make us smile, plus any cartoons that your child has drawn from our cooking skills page. 

Each month we will display our favourite images here so keep sending them to us and come back soon to see if yours is online.  In the meantime have a look at the pictures below, which are our favourites this month. 

Drawn by Carla, North Yorkshire
The recipes cooked at the launch of the website were absolutely delicious!
Below are the child friendly items
Child Friendly Cartoon competition

Why don't use ask your child to draw a cartoon of an amusing scene in the kitchen? We will display the best ones here so come back soon to see if your child has their artwork on the website.

Child Friendly Send pictures of your child cooking

Involve your child in taking photographs of the meals you have cooked using this website and help them send them to us.  They could take a photo of the finished meal or of you cooking it.  Why don't you take pictures of your child in the kitchen and send them to the gallery?

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