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How to Enter

It is really simple to enter and all you have to do is follow the four steps shown below.

  1. Decide on the recipe you want to send in.  It can be a main course, pudding,
    Mum puts dish in the oven
    vegetarian or anything else you would make for you and your family.
  2. Make up the dish and put it on a plate as if you were serving it.  You can add vegetables, potatoes, custard, ice cream or whatever else you think the picture requires for your chosen dish.
  3. Take a picture of the finished dish.
  4. Complete the details requested by filling in the various fields in the Entry Form section and click on send.

Then look out for this month’s local and national winners.  If you don’t win first time then you can enter time and time again, as there is one prize of £200 of Argos vouchers each month.  The only condition is that it is a different recipe each time you enter.

Boy waiting for food
Each year we will announce the overall winner for the last twelve months.  They will win the “My Cookery Club Recipe of the Year” award and a £500 holiday voucher to spend at the travel operator of their choice.  Every monthly winner will have a chance to win the holiday and we will send more details to these winners.

£200 of Argos Vouchers will be presented each month.

All the recipes from the monthly winners and runners up are shown here.  Have a look and see what others have done.

We welcome recipes from all parts of the world but only those with children attending schools in the participating authorities can win the monthly prize.

The Local Education Authorities that are currently taking part are: Borough of Telford and Wrekin Council; Caerphilly County Borough Council; Cambridgeshire County Council; London Borough of Tower Hamlets; Nottingham City Council; North Yorkshire County Council; Southampton City Council.

These authorities will also have local winners so look there to see who has been busy in the kitchen in your area.

Nottingham City Council
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