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Food Hygiene

Girl washes hands before cooking
A lack of hygiene in the kitchen can have serious consequences.  Bacteria can start to grow and spread.  This could cause food poisoning, which can be very dangerous.  Why donít you work through the activity sheet with your child to help them keep their cooking clean?

This Month
Wash your fruit and vegetables

We all need to eat fruit and vegetables as they are really good for us and have lots of health benefits.  There are many different ways you can eat them.  But however you are cooking your fruit or vegetables it is important that you have washed them properly.  They must be washed in cold water and you can use a brush to guarantee that all the soil has been removed.  Home grown vegetables need even more cleaning before they are cooked. 

Previous Months
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January Signs of a foodborne illnesses
December Cover up
November Teach your child from a young age
October Careful with a cold
September Keep long hair tied back when cooking
August Try to dry naturally
July Make sure you get frozen food home quickly from the shop
June Avoid contamination when preparing food
May Donít keep pets near food in the kitchen
April Babies
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