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How do you know what foods you should include when planning a meal?  A balanced meal should contain different types of food to ensure you and your family are getting the right mix of nutrients that a healthy body needs.  You should base your meals on starchy foods, ideally wholegrain varieties, such as bread, rice, pasta, other grains and potatoes, with lots of fruit and vegetables (a variety of at least five portions a day), moderate amounts of milk and dairy foods, meat, fish and alternatives. Foods containing fat and food and drinks containing sugar should be eaten sparingly.

The amounts you should be eating can be broken down as follows:

  • 33% bread, other cereals and potatoes
  • 33% fruit and vegetables
  • 15% milk and dairy
  • 12% meat, fish and alternatives
  • 7% food containing fat/sugar

You can find out more about the different foods you should be eating by visiting the Food Standards Agency's website.    


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