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Welcome to the My Cookery Club for Southampton City Council.  This is one of three websites we have created to give parents and pupils more information about school meals and to show how we are helping and encouraging your children to adopt a healthy lifestyle.  The other two websites are at for Primary School teachers, parents and children and for Secondary School students.

On My Cookery Club we have worked with a number of other Local Authorities to create this website.  Our aim is to continue the work we do in school and to show parents and children how much fun they can have making the dishes we serve at lunchtime.  However, the great news is that there are recipes from different authorities.  So why not browse through the pages or use search to find your favourite ingredients.

We want to hear about your favourite dishes or those that you serve to your family and children.  Each month, starting from July 2007, we will award a prize for the best one we receive.  It is easy to find out how you enter and who the local winners are.  So we look forward to seeing you on a regular basis.

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